AIS Jetski Tracking System:

superyacht jetski tracking systems

The ability to track your jetski's location worldwide* via your onboard AIS system, or any AIS enable device like iPad or iPhone.


*within VHF range

Compact and discreet mobile tender and PWC (jetski) tracking system, showing 'real time' locations of your Jetski/s and Tender/s. Identifiers allow AIS based identification of the carrying vessel (Class B transponder). These units operate autonomously and have both GPS and VHF antennas integrated with a sealed, waterproof and rugged shell. Power is provided by an internal battery or you can connect the i100 to your jetski's battery via the power interface. 

  • AIS Identifier - fully integrated Class B vessel tracking AIS Transceiver 
  • See the location of your tender or PWC (jetski) on your Yachts plotter/ AIS system
  • Transmits full AIS message
  • Internal rechargeable battery (up to 5 day life)
  • Integrated antenna (GPS and VHF antennas sealed inside tough outer shell)
  • Panic alert feature
  • Configurable transmit intervals
  • Shock, vibration and waterproof
  • Able to operate whilst mounted under the hood of your jetski/s.

Important note: 

In standard form, this product is a modified CSTDMA Class B transceiver with a TUV issued R&TTW certificate. It is not certified by the FCC for use in the USA and may require local authority approval for operation in other territories. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are legally operating the Identifier. If you are unsure about this issue, please contact your local radio authority. 

As with all AIS transponders, this product must be registered in order to gain a unique MMSI number. 

Jetski Tracking Products:

Software Specifications:


Data transfer

Location fix (GPS)

Live tracking


Heading / Direction of travel

Smart phone / Tablet Web App (WiFi required)

Computer / Laptop Web App (WiFi required)
Integrated with onboard AIS systems

Hardware Specifications:

Hardware / Module AIS

Built-in GPS


Built in Ariel / Antenna


Operating locations


Reporting rates regularity (moving)

3 - 30 mins***

Waterproof rating                              


Module size (mm)

350 x 63

Module weight (g)

250g (ID unit)

Powered by vessel battery


Built in back up battery

Yes (rechargeable)

* Within VHF range


*** The report interval will depend on the vessel location. If the device is close to shore the ground receiving stations will pick up the data quickly; But if the device is far from shore it will reply on satellites to collect the data and process it.


Fee comparisons:


Costs AIS GSM Satellite

Hardware / Module cost

£365-00 + VAT Approx £150-00 + VAT  Approx £70-00 + VAT

Airtime cost                       

No Approx £80-00 p/year            Approx £140-00 p/year                 

Subject to Roaming charges

No Yes No

Platform subscription

No Approx £125-00 p/year Approx £125-00 p/year

Fitting charges

No                           No  No

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